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Pricing is very individualized, taking into account exactly what you want for your celebration regarding types of flowers, and sizes of arrangements.  Please consider the following list as a guideline for what to expect when you are figuring your flower budget. There are a few standard prices, but most items tend to have an average range of cost.  


Bowler & Jones has a $2,000.00 minimum order May-October, for a Full Service Wedding.

We welcome smaller orders for Bridal Party, personal flowers, and centerpieces, that can be packed to travel and be picked up.

Our average Full Service Wedding runs $2000-5000 for the average sized Celebration.


All Full Service Weddings designed by Bowler & Jones are subject to an additional 20% service fee.

This fee includes set up, take down, and delivery.

Some distances and certain venues will have additional % fees. (Boston, The Cape, Newport, Etc)

Wedding Ceremony

  • Altar Arrangements $200 & up

  • Pew or Chair Ends $25-50 each

  • Existing Arbor, Arch, or Gazebo 250 & up

  • Rented Arbor or Arch  $400 & up

  • Rose Petals Flanking the Aisle $200 & up

A Reception, Dinner, or Party

  • Head Table Arrangements $125 & up

  • Centerpieces $75 & up

  • Riser Arrangements for Guest Tables $200 & up (includes base rental)

  • Buffet/Station Decorations $100 & up

  • Cocktail Tables $25-50 

  • Toss Bouquet, in a vase $50

  • Cake Flowers designed onto cake on site $75-200


Wedding Party

  • Bridal Bouquet $250 & up

  • Bridesmaids Bouquets $95 & up

  • Flower Girl nosegay or flower wand $50 & up

  • Boutonnieres $20

  • Corsages , pin or wrist $40

  • Clusters/Tussie Mussies $50

  • Flower Crowns $65-125

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